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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees will act on behalf of UUSM's membership to promote the accomplishment of the organization's Mission and Purposes

The Board will govern with an emphasis on:
  • outward vision rather than internal preoccupation,
  • encouragement of diversity in viewpoints,
  • strategic leadership more than administrative detail,
  • clear distinction of Board and Coordinating Team roles,
  • collective rather than individual decisions,
  • future rather than past or present, and with a proactive rather than reactive focus.

2013-2014 Board


  • Margaret Cross, President

  • Pat Nicholson, Vice President

  • Shaun Collins, Secretary

  • Tom McCune, Treasurer


  • Wade Leschyn

  • Anne Silver

  • Randi Paynter

  • Joy Reichard

  • Robert Voss


From left to right: Wade Leschyn, Robert Voss, Joy Reichard, Chris LaPaglia, Margaret Cross, Shawn Collins, Deeana McLemore, and Randi Paynter (not pictured: Pat Nicholson)