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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees will act on behalf of UUSM's membership to promote the accomplishment of the organization's Mission and Purposes

The Board will govern with an emphasis on:
  • outward vision rather than internal preoccupation,
  • encouragement of diversity in viewpoints,
  • collective rather than individual decisions,
  • future rather than past or present, and with a proactive rather than reactive focus.



Role Name Liaison Group
President Shaun Collins Leadership Team
Vice-President Tom McCune Campus Task Force
Treasurer Laura Bull Finance & Compensation
Secretary Anne Silver New Committees (Ministry and Long Range Planning)
Trustee 1 Wade Leschyn Facilities
Trustee 2 John Farrow Religion Education
Trustee 3 Becky Howland Social Committee, UUCB
Trustee 4 Michael Duncheon Social Action
Trustee 5 Paula McCaa Welcoming team (Membership)