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Conspire in Sacred Resistance

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

June 24, 2022

A Message from Rev. Stefanie Etzbach Dale

In alignment with my understanding that pastoral care is not just about attention given to the sick, but also to the grieving and raging - regardless of the cause - I’m reaching out this morning with a heavy heart.

Generations of Unitarian Universalist women and their allies have fought for equality under the law, for bodily autonomy and, particularly, for the right to safe and affordable health care, contraception, and abortion.

This has been done in recognition that these fundamentals affirm individual worth and freedom, preserve dignity, save lives, families, and communities.

The latest SCOTUS ruling is an affront to all people of conscience, highlighting the hypocrisy of those who insist on an individual’s right to firearms (which places the United States second in rank worldwide in gun deaths) while denying a woman’s right to make choices about her own life.

This ruling is predicted to set into motion other rulings negating personal autonomy. Many people are being and will yet be affected, especially those already marginalized.

The SCOTUS ruling also highlights the importance of, individually and collectively, creating ways to channel our grief and rage in “productive” ways.

Please do not swallow it or allow it to lead to despair. Talk about it, write letters, create ritual, make art, connect with organizations coordinating public response; unify, make your faith visible, audible, and tangible in whatever ways you can!

Above all, please be gentle with yourselves and one another as you explore and express your feelings about this development, and conspire in sacred resistance.

Breathe. Eat. Rest. Connect.

You are needed. Unitarian Universalism in needed.

Rev Stefanie Etzbach-Dale

UUSM Emergency Pastoral Care Minister

Here a message from UUA President, Rev Susan Frederick Grey:



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