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Letter from an Ulay College Student

We received the following letter from Leslie Mae Minasalvas, one of two college students in Ulay, our Philippines Partner congregation. Leslie began college this spring, with financial aid from UUSM to help with her tuition, fees and expenses. The funds were generously donated by UUSM members via the Alternative Gift Faire, special collections, and individual donations. Leslie and her sister Leah Hazel are the Education Partners of our RE Youth, who correspond with both sisters.

Hi! Good day!

It's a good start for me in college, even though I have doubted myself that I could not comply the requirements of the university, I have decided to enroll as early as May 5, 2014. At first I have difficulty in adjusting to the new environment they have here in Kabankalan City, located to the southern part of Negros Occidental. I am staying here in my grandfather's house with the neighbors of my dad's brothers and sisters and our other relatives.

Most of the residents here are Adventist and Baptist, there are some here are Catholic. There was a time that an Adventist member challenged me, he told me that being Adventist is extremely good, and it much better for me to be baptized in their religion so that I will be saved and go to heaven after death. You know what my response is? I only replied him, your religion will not save you; it's your actions and good deeds and your faithfulness to God who will really save you. And in how you persevere to obey his commandments.

Anyway, about my studies, it's good, although I can't always get a highest score at least I am learning. I have a little problem about the vehicles here, a jeepney, because sometimes they are delayed, that pushes me to be late. Our school conquers almost 4,653.7 hectare land reservation, it is 19 kilometers from Kabankalan City, and 97 kilometers to Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental in the southeast. I have planned to take photos of our school, my new friends, my professors and facilities we have here and to be sended to you there. But the problem is my mobile phone don't have camera and it cannot access to mobile internet.

Last July 24-25 was our prelim examination, I don't know for now if I got the highest score but I have studied the lessons. My chosen vocation now is Bachelor in Elementary Education, major in General Education. I know education is expensive but it is a noble profession.

Before ending this up, I wanna say thank you so much, I am very greatful about your help and concern. This coming July 29, 2014 I am planning to transfer to a boarding house near our school to avoid being late during travel. … Have a nice day! Godbless! I don't know how to repay about this help but I think doing my best in school and activities will help me to be great in school. As long as I have my best, I will do anything, I will never stop dreaming …

Yours truly,

Leslie Mae Minasalvas

If you want to become an Education Partner and keep dreams alive in the youth of our partner congregation, or for more information, please contact Carol Cook or Lori Fox.


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