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“Stewardship and fundraising undergirds everything that a faith community does and calls us into deeper connection with each other.”        

– Unitarian Universalist Association

We are asking for your continued support to help UUSM grow and thrive. We are at a pivotal point and we need the community to step up and commit to our UUSM community.


This past year we repaired our literal and spiritual foundations, updated and modernized them, built them stronger than before. We’re well along the road to healing. We’ve become optimistic and confident. Our congregation has rediscovered faith in our ability to come together and support our shared aspirations. Here are just a few of the big strides the community is making:

  • Moving into a revitalized, comfortable, inclusive sanctuary space

  • Growing our community, with new members and strong service attendance

  • Modernizing our systems and processes

  • Supporting multiple programs, including: 

    • A revitalized Religious Exploration (RE) program with a newly hired part-time director to support our kids' and youth’s spiritual exploration and growth

    • A thriving pastoral care program of dedicated volunteers under the guidance of Reverend Stefanie

    • A joyful, inclusive music program

    • Popular, beloved small group ministries including Sharing Circles, Justice Circles, Aging to Saging groups, Sacred Song Circles, and Open Circles

    • A well-attended Shared Pulpit program training future Worship Associates

  • Hiring a new minister, with an Interim Minister imminent


To support our mission and continue our growth, we need the financial support of the community. Our next fiscal year, starting July 1, will be critical for the mission and ministry of UUSM as we move back into our renovated facilities and seek a full-time Interim Minister and then a new Settled Minister. Our values dictate that we pay our staff fairly and provide fair benefits. We need to ensure that we maintain our newly updated space. As we all know, we live in a high-cost area and we need more financial resources to achieve our aspirations as a community.


We have not had a direct appeal for contributions in several years. Thank you, everyone who has been supporting UUSM so faithfully with what we have called “Sustainable Stewardship” over the past several years.

We are asking everyone to consider increasing their level of commitment and generosity. Part of our covenant with one another is to contribute whatever each of us can give, in time, talent, and treasure, to help our community help each of us to grow spiritually. And then, as we grow as a church community, we make our collective impact stronger, making our broader community more just, inclusive, and committed to our values of equity and compassion.


We are hoping to increase the number of contributing households and to get a substantial increase in our current level of annual giving. To be truly sustainable and live out our values, we need an increase of $100,000. We know that we are ready to step up and commit to our UUSM community.


We ask you to contemplate the UUA Suggested Fair-Share Contribution Guide. The Guide asks more of those who have higher levels of both income and commitment. Ponder where you fit and see if you can stretch toward what the Guide suggests.


Whatever you decide, please let us know your intended contribution so that we can have confidence in our revenue as we finalize the budget for Fiscal Year 2023‒24 (July 2023‒June 2024). We will be voting on the budget at the Congregational Meeting on Sun., June 11. Please submit the pledge form by no later than June 1.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything about your stewardship, please reach out to:


Thank you for being part of the UUSM community and for engaging in this process.


We’re ready. Let’s do this together.


Becky Howland, President, UUSM Board of Trustees

Tricia Dell, Vice President, UUSM Board of Trustees

Diane Russell, Chair, UUSM Stewardship Committee

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