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Families and youth are at the heart of our community.

At UUSM, faith engagement is a family affair.

Families are the heart of congregational life. We strive to support parents and assist children and youth in their personal search for truth and meaning. We value our children and youth. Our programs give them the opportunity to question and learn, worship, engage in service projects to benefit our community, and participate in activities that promote connection with peers and adults.

We understand that religious education begins with the family, and strive to support parents and assist children and youth in their personal search for truth and meaning. We honor each individual’s need for and right to quest throughout life for truth while emphasizing the importance of relationship, inter-dependence, and connection to our human community and the earth.

The past year and a half has been tough for everyone as we adjust to drastic changes around Covid. We have missed seeing each other in person, although we've learned to find our Zoom time together.​ This coming year, we are moving to 'hybrid church' at UUSM. What this means is that some events will be in person, some will be online, and some (you guessed it) will be both. While your participation and schedule will vary, depending on the ages of your family members, see below for a suggested monthly calendar to help you plan your month.


Of course, the times you can't do some of the groups or outings is just fine. Our families are here to support each other, especially when a household is feeling pressured during busy or challenging times. Reach out and let us know how we can connect and help, and remember we always love seeing you when you can make it. 

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When we learn to find joy and see the sacred, we deepen our faith. Learn with your loved ones how to cultivate the spiritual habit of service, the love of the sublime and the practice of metta.

We are excited to include these resources in this year's programing.

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