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New Growth

Campus Development Task Force (CDTF) 

Created at the time of our very successful capital campaign in 2017, the CDTF coordinates and oversees improvements and enhancements to our buildings and grounds. This involves several projects, including an accessibility and technology upgrade to our main building. 


Please consider taking a turn, either as a member of the team or a helper to work on a limited task. It is an exciting time to bring your talent and voice to realizing our vision of an “aesthetically beautiful, multi-functional, environmentally responsible, harmoniously integrated campus” (from the CDTF vision statement).


We invite you to


  • Attend CDTF Meetings, which take place on the second and fourth Wednesdays of every month at 7:00 pm on Zoom. Contact CDTF @ for the agenda and Zoom link.

  • Stay informed about the CDTF’s plans and activities—watch for announcements in the weekly bulletin.

  • Curious about something? Inquire directly to CDTF @

  • Make an additional contribution to the Capital Campaign fund—use the “give” tab on the UUSM website.

Members making Planned Giving decisions incorporating UUSM can designate the funds be used for a specific purpose, or can specify that the funds be unrestricted, in which case the UUSM Board of Trustees will manage the funds. For additional information on how to include Planned Giving in your estate planning, please contact the UUSM Treasurer or any member of the Finance Committee.

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