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Ways to Engage Your Faith in the UU San Mateo Community

Community Action, Learning Opportunities, Self-Care & Identity

Human beings are not isolated entities. In fact, you can’t be a human being alone.  We exist in community and connection to one another. Actively knowing and embodying this is a spiritual practice in and of itself.


At UUSM, we welcome all people who believe in caring for and connecting to something greater than themselves; Spiritually, physically, emotionally and psychically. We're glad you're here.

Explore your faith and connect to something bigger.

Our living tradition draws upon a heritage of reformers, heretics and dreamers.  At UUSM, we welcome all people who believe in caring for and connecting to something greater than themselves spiritually. We believe that spiritual development is a ‘cradle to grave’ experience and that new ideas lead to greater understanding, joy and service.

Develop the spiritual habit of service.

Our covenantal religion is based on “deeds, not creeds." It comes alive when we focus on our commitments to greater peace, equity, compassion and justice. Caring is, we believe, how we put our faith into action. It takes many forms, from the smallest of gestures to the largesse of soul touching soul in profound ways. Finding your way to thrive, and helping others to do so in the process, is far from a selfish thing…it is a healthy expression of who we really are.

Help make our shared vision a reality.

Just as there are many ways to pray, and many ways to love, there are also many ways to ‘accomplish’ ministry.  We invite you to ply your established gifts in one of the ways presented here….or try something new and unknown that will help you grow in delight and accomplishment.​​

Enjoy time and find support in community.

Joy is a natural expression of being in community. There is majic that happens when we engage with people of different ages and identities. Our authentic selves shine when we share our interests, passions and experiences with one another. Find a place at the table, stay long, and be fed!

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Helping hands make our shared vision possible.

The paradox of any mission-based organization is to balance the prophetic parts of the mission with the functional work of sustaining the organization. At UUSM we rely on the four T’s: sharing our Time, Talent, Treasure and Trust. It takes all of us to create this “We” thing we call beloved community.     
In many ways, how we do things (the process) is more important than what we do (the product.)  This is counter to the messages we learn from our dominant culture, but it is at the core of our covenantal religion. This is why, whoever you are, and whatever your gifts, there is a place for you here in creating a sustainable, vibrant community of open hearts and open minds, working together to transform ourselves and the world… What role will you play in making this mission come alive?

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