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Minister's Musings: December’s Pastoral Letter from Rev. Stefanie Etzbach-Dale

It's been a joy for me to notice the good will and creativity that is inspiring so many people to return to in-person worship services and other community activities. After so many years of Covid-induced isolation the excitement at being together again is palpable!

Joy and gratitude are being expressed in so many wonderfully heartfelt ways. And I’d like to add my own for the honor of being invited to accompany you on UUSM’s journey through ministerial transition. I’m delighted to have had my contract extended through June 2023.

I share this with you now because ministerial transition is a complicated and time-consuming season. Inspired by your shared vision for this community, and your expressions of both gratitude and support, UUSM’s leadership has and will continue to creatively, lovingly, and joyfully “stretch”.

In order for those efforts to be enriching, sustainable and ultimately effective, more than gratitude will be needed going forward. From all of us. As we move further into this season of change it’ll be important for each and every one of us to help one another prioritize physical, emotional, social and spiritual health.

Celebrating our appreciations through expressions of gratitude says so much about our commitment to beloved community.

In addition, let’s plan to regularly ask ourselves and one another what would help us feel supported in each of those areas; what priorities might need to shift; what can be set aside for the time being; and where spaciousness can be created?

I hope you’ll let me and the Pastoral Care Team know if there is some way, we can support you in this. Meanwhile, please plan to join me at one of this month’s two Sharing Circles (12/05 via Zoom, 12/18 in the Cottage).

In Awe & Gratitude, Rev Stefanie


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