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Donuts for Directory

Our Mission: A robust directory that includes all our members and friends.

Your Mission: Add yourself to the directory or confirm that you're already in it. (Some people are technically in the directory but don't have their contact info visible to others, which makes the directory somewhat less usable.)

We Get: A usable directory, online and printable!

You Get: A donut!

You Ask: "What if my info is already in the directory? Do I still get a donut?"

We Answer: Absolutely! Email Kate to let her know and you will receive your donut voucher, too!

How to Add Yourself:

1. From the Connect menu on the UUSM website, select Congregational Directory.

2. If you see this screen, complete your login to Planning Center. If you need help with this step, email Kate.

3. Click Me.

4. Click My profile & settings.

5. Click My directory profile.

6. Select the checkbox next to your name (and profile picture, if you have one).


7. Select all the parts of your contact information you want to appear in the directory.


8. Scroll to the bottom and click Update profile.

9. You will see your information listed as it will appear in the directory.


Once your info is in the directory, email Kate to receive your donut voucher!

Vouchers can be redeemed at a service in September. Check your Friday Bulletin for specific dates.

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