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September at UUSM: Embracing Possibility

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

We will begin our church year in September with the conversation or theme of Embracing Possibility.

I am excited by the possibilities of Embracing Possibility! There is so much for us to discuss... How can we recognize the possibilities and potential in ourselves and others? What do we need to see to recognize the possibilities of what we can do together to make the world a better place? Or, how can we embrace the possibilities of what can develop when we recognize more than one right answer, more than one path. How can we encourage "yes...and" thinking in our daily lives?

Last year, UUSM began working with the Soul Matters monthly themes, a theme-centered resource that offers materials that can be used as we create our message each month. We've found it a great way to promote whole-church dialog and to provide more chances to sync conversations and activities across the ages and stages. We look forward to continuing the series this coming year.

September is also a lovely month in the calendar year (as are they all). Key days recognized and celebrated this month include: Labor Day Sept. 6, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Sept. 6-16, International World Peace Day Sept. 21, Autumn Equinox Sept. 22, Bisexual Pride Day Sept. 23. We close out the month on Sept. 30 with Universalism Day, marking the anniversary of the first Universalist sermon preached in the United States by our religious forebear, John Murray, in the year 1770.

Anchoring our month is our beloved Merging of the Waters Ceremony on Sept. 12, as we mark our ingathering as a community into another church year. It will be followed by the annual congregational picnic, this year chaired by Sarah Arcoleo. Please contact her if you're able to help.



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