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In August, it's time for play!

This month UUSM contemplates the spiritual concept of play. Our partners at Soul Matters invite us to try on the following practices: remembering you can write your own rules, using escape to restore your freedom, and returning to joy. As adults, these practices are often difficult to find. Much of the dominant culture in the US is built on concepts such as 'time is money,' and the need for perfection. Yet turning to joy or going off-grid for a while is important for our longterm mental health. So, what a perfect spirituality practice for the long, sunny days of August... It sounds like a dream to spend some time letting go, feeling groovy, finding the perfect beat for your feet. As you start going to your happy place, here are two seeds of inspiration:


A prayer for those on vacation

by Rev. Steve Garnaas-Holmes

God of Sabbath, Master of infinite playfulness, bless those who are on vacation. Protect them from the worries of home. Guide them, that they may become lost in a new place, with no way but to wander. Shepherd them to still places. Watch over them, that they may not stumble into work or obligation. Grant them wonder, delight, renewal and release. Run the world without them. May their fireworks be grand, their campfires lovely, their beaches uncrowded, their traffic at peace. When they are renewed, bring them home safe, whole and changed. And may the savoring pace of their absence stay with them, by your grace. Amen.

Wishing you much rest and relaxation,

Tanya Webster

Director of Faith Engagement



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