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Ministerial Musings on Story: August Pastoral Letter from Rev. Stef

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

The theme for this month is “story” - drawing attention to the stories we tell ourselves about who and whose we are, about those who came before, those who journey with us now, and, those yet to come; about history, and about the possibilities ahead, both individually and collectively.

Each one of us is the keeper of so many of stories! Some we may not feel are worthy of telling. Others may not yet be in our conscious awareness, but glimmer in the tellings of those who know us well.

One of the gifts of commitment to beloved community is that we have so many opportunities to share those glimmerings with one another. And to create new plot twists - to rewrite our histories and weave more empowered, more hopeful chapters!

As we move through this month of story together, may we grow in appreciation of the part we each play in the unfolding story of one another’s lives and the life of this community.

For my part, now knowing my contract ends 09/30, I can say it’s been a true honor and joy to serve as your Pastoral Care Minister these past 14 months, and, a delight to know you are moving forward in such wise and creative ways. I hope we’ll have many chances between now and then to share more stories!

Meanwhile, if you welcome pastoral support or would like to find out how to be part of UUSM’s pastoral support team, please reach out to:

In Awe & Gratitude,

Rev Stefanie Etzbach-Dale


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