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News from Our Philippines Partners

Rev. Hector Condez and his daughter, in the Ulay Chapel, 2019

At the UU Church of the Philippines (UUCP) General Assembly in April, 2022, Rev. Hector Condez was elected as the new Executive Minister, replacing Rev. Tet Gallardo who resigned. We met Rev. Condez in 2019 when we visited Ulay. At that time he served Ulay as District Minister of the Northern District. His father was one of the founding ministers of the UU Church of the Philippines. We congratulate and warmly welcome Rev. Condez to his new position!

Rev. Arman Pedro, UUCP Church Administrator, recently updated us on two new programs initiated by the UU Church of the Philippines:

1. The Nataban UU Food Forest and Eco-Center aims to develop a few hectares of land to create a food forest, rehabilitate the watershed, promote organic farming, improve biodiversity, and promote the area as a pilgrimage site since it is the birthplace of Universalist Church of the Philippines. We plan to build native houses, a conference hall, viewing deck, and a shrine in the original location of the church, and more. This is an ambitious project and contributions are welcome.

2. Churches as Community Centers and Shelters. This proposal addresses the devastation that Typhoon Rai brought to the UUCP churches. Our goal is to rehabilitate and strengthen our church buildings so they can be used as evacuation centers during calamities. The project includes improving the toilets, electricity and water connection, and repainting if the budget allows. Donations amounting to $5,000 are needed to claim a matching grant from the UU Funding Program.

If you wish to contribute to either or both of these projects, please contact Carol Cook for details.

Last – but not least! – the Ulay Congregation has added new students to the Education Partner program. If you've been waiting for the right time to become a sponsor – that time is now! For more information, please contact Carol Cook.



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