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Thank You from the UU Church of the Philippines

Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2002

Thanks for your generosity. May we strengthen each other in these times. We send our love to UUSM. Arman and I talk about your community with so much fondness. Thanks also for UUSM's continuous strong support to Ulay. May the blessings pour out for 2022.

In faith,

Rev. Tet Gallardo

President and Executive Minister

Unitarian Universalist Church of the Philippines


Our message to Rev. Tet Gallardo and Rev. Arman Pedro:

Dear Tet and Arman,

Yesterday we sent you a wire transfer of $2,000 USD. The purpose is disaster relief for the UUCP congregations devastated by Typhoon Odette, particularly those who don't have the support of U.S. partner congregations.

We hope and pray for the recovery and rebuilding of the UU communities.


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