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"The Times They Are A-Changin”

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

A Letter From Rev. Tovis

Dear UUSM Community,

In September we bid farewell to our temporary worship space in Beck Hall, blessed the newly renovated sanctuary, and then moved into it for worship while celebrating Rev. Stefanie's final Sunday as Pastoral Care Minister. As if that wasn't enough Big Change, on October 1st we welcome Rev. Terri Echelbarger as our Transitional Executive Minister, and I will take over Pastoral Care. Together, Rev. Terri and I will be helping you assess the congregational system so you can make some decisions about what's next for you as a congregation. We will provide more information about the transitional work in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

In my expanded new role as Worship and Pastoral Care Minister, I will be working closely with the Pastoral Care Associates to meet the spiritual and emotional support needs of our community in accordance with our pastoral care covenant and confidentiality policy (available here). If you find yourself in need of emotional or spiritual support, please continue to reach out first to the Pastoral Care Team by email. In the case of a pastoral emergency (a traumatic experience, serious diagnosis, hospitalization, mental health crisis or death of a loved one), please contact me directly or call the Office at 650-342-5946 and select the option for Reverend Tovis. (We will set up my voicemail box in the next few days.) Please note, I will be out of town between October 2-6, and Rev. Terri will provide emergency coverage during that time.

As we welcome Rev. Terri and move into the next stage of our creative, transitional shared ministry, I invite us to do so with a spirit of curiosity. What will we learn about ourselves, each other, and this liberal religious community in the year ahead? What will we choose to carry forward? To let go? To create anew? What new possibilities will we envision? Who will we choose to become?

It's an exciting time at UUSM, and I am honored and excited to be part of it!

With love and gratitude, Rev. Tovis


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