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Covid Task Force Update 2/24/2022

We are pleased to report that Covid levels are dropping significantly in San Mateo. Drum roll... There will be a hybrid service in Beck Hall and on Zoom on Sunday March 6th. Hip-hip-hurray! The cottage garden and living room are now available for small groups that would like to meet in-person. Double yay! At this time, the capacity for the living room is 6. Contact Paula, our office manager, to reserve space for your group. Proof of full vaccination, including booster is required. Masks are still required indoors and out. Eating and drinking are not permitted at this time. We will be revisiting eating and drinking policy at our meeting next Wednesday. Please always check our up-to-date Covid policy in the Weekly Bulletin.

UUSM requires that everyone who is eligible provides proof of booster vaccination to attend all UUSM Sunday Services and in-person meetings, activities, or events. In planning to gather indoors in-person in the not too distant future, we will continue to require masks to protect the most vulnerable among us. We encourage everyone to get well-fitting KF94, KN95 or N95 masks.

With community in mind, our guidelines permit outdoor socially distanced activities. Masking at these outdoor gatherings is now optional and at the discretion of the group’s leader.

Our team meets every Wednesday 6:00-7:00pm. We welcome and encourage comments, questions and feedback. Please email

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