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"Even Those Changes We Desire..."

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Everything is in constant motion, as much as we may wish sometimes that it weren’t.

Even the author of the Book of Ecclesiastes insisted, against popular opinion of their time (approx. 350 bce), that there is a rhythm to all happenings: the sun rises and sets, seasons come and seasons go, life giving breath is drawn in and vapors are released.

Because we humans struggle with change, this wisdom source has long been questioned, not only because it is so cut-and-dry in its pragmatism, but also as theologically challenging. Why? Because it implies that we are ALL subject to these cyclical forces (despite our free will) and because it implies there is no inherent meaning to the way of things!

This week, I received the news that UUSM’s building project, envisioned years ago and funded through the generosity of so many; the project that’s required so much behind-the-scenes work is now moving into a new phase that’ll be more noticeable! Good news, right? Yes, and….

Even those changes that we desire and joyfully work towards can “take us by surprise”, can increase anxiety and stress levels; especially when so many other things are already in flux.

As this crucial renovation season (and its dusty disruptions) begins, I encourage us all to bring a little extra compassion to ourselves and one-another: just a touch more curiosity and patience, just a smidgen more faith in the season that will, inevitably, follow. And, a splash more attentiveness to the practices that strengthen and sustain us!

Meanwhile, on Sunday, August 28th I’ll be present at UUSM for the service and for open-hearted conversation afterwards. I look forward to hearing what’s in your heart, and exploring how we can better support one another.

In Awe & Gratitude,

Rev. Stefanie



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