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Why does UUSM have a Minister’s Discretionary Fund?

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

The Minister’s Discretionary Fund is used to provide confidential assistance to those facing emergency financial need. The Pastoral Care Team is currently the administrator of this fund.

Food insecurity, acute and chronic health issues with resulting medical care costs, the high cost of goods, services, and housing are all issues that have not been limited to the outside world. This year many within the UUSM community have faced hardship and have needed assistance from this fund. Since May 2022, the fund has provided more than $3,000 in help.

Did you know that the fund is dependent on the generosity of this Congregation?

In normal years, an appeal goes out at the Christmas Eve Worship Service asking the Congregation to donate generously so there is necessary money to help when a request is made. But as we are all well aware, this has been no ordinary year, which is why we are asking for your help now.

For the Pastoral Care Team to be able to provide the winter season assistance that is desperately needed in our beloved community, we are asking that you send a donation now to UUSM’s Minister’s Discretionary Fund.

Go to Give to make a contribution through Vanco or Giving Module, or send a check to the office at 312 E. Santa Inez Ave. San Mateo, CA 94401. Earmark your donation - Minister’s Discretionary Fund (MDF).

Thank you for your generosity. And please be sure to reach out to the Pastoral Care Team at if you find yourself needing support.



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