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Mystery Pen Pals

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

What are Mystery Pen Pals? Mystery Pen Pals are kids (5 years and up) and adults from UU San Mateo who would like to get to know them better. Each adult is paired with a child or youth who does not know the identity of his or her “Mystery Pen Pal”. Youth may choose whether they would like to have an older or younger Mystery Pen Pal. The two exchange letters for one month between November 1 and December 4. After the service on Sunday December 4 the children will be introduced to their Mystery Pen Pal and have a chance to visit face to face over a yummy treat.

What do you have to do to be a Mystery Pen Pal? Kids and adults need to complete a sign-up sheet and return it to the Mystery Pen Pal box in Beck Hall or email it to Colaine ( by October 30. Click here for an adult sign-up sheet, and click here for a kid sign-up sheet.

Adults make the commitment to write to their Mystery Pen Pal within a week of being assigned to one and weekly thereafter. Letters can be dropped off in the Mystery Pen Pal box located at the entrance to Beck Hall or mailed directly to the child’s house. The children would place their correspondence in the Mystery Pen Pal box for the adults to pick up. Past Mystery Pen Pals have found ways to communicate by email while safeguarding their true identity.

All Mystery Pen Pals make the commitment to attend Sunday December 4.

We hope you join in the fun and help to spread joy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Colaine.


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