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Pastoral Care at UUSM

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

“Love is our true destiny.

We do not find the meaning of life by

ourselves alone – we find it with one another.” Thomas Merton

Our Caring Community

People often ask when to contact pastoral care. If you’ve asked yourself that question, it’s a good time to call! When we’re experiencing the bumps and potholes of life’s journey, sometimes conversations don’t go far enough to remind us we are not alone. Contact the Pastoral Care Team for compassionate and confidential support.

Pastoral Care Minister

As of October 1, 2023, Rev. Tovis Page will be serving as UUSM’s Pastoral Care Minister. She will be working closely with the Pastoral Care Associates to meet the spiritual and emotional support needs of our community. If you find yourself in need of emotional or spiritual support, please continue to reach out to In the case of a pastoral emergency (a traumatic experience, serious diagnosis, hospitalization, mental health crisis or death of a loved one), please contact her directly or call the Office at 650-342-5946 and select the option for Reverend Tovis.

Pastoral Care Guiding Documents

The work we do and our relationship with the congregation, Pastroal Care Associates, and the minister are of guided by the Pastoral Care Covenant. Clear expectations on how to protect the privacy of those we work with are asserted in Confidentiality Policy. Please take a moment to review both of these documents.

Helping Hands

Individuals and families affected by illness and other life events can become overwhelmed by the details of everyday life. By using an online “Signup Genius,” the Helping Hands Coordinator organizes errand runners and meal deliveries.

Sacred Song Circle

Sacred Song Circle offers the healing power of soft voices and familiar songs in homes and at bedsides to those in our beloved community who are struggling in body or spirit. Sacred Song Circle is a new group that will become a tight-knit group of singers who rely on each other, as well as our UU principles, to provide pastoral care through singing.

Meetings will be held on the 2nd and 4th Mondays from 7:00-8:30 pm in Beck Hall. Sacred Song is for anyone who enjoys singing. At the meetings, you will practice songs (like the choir does), share and support each other (like in Open Circles), and confidentially discuss needs for pastoral singing (like the Pastoral Care team does). If a singing ministry sounds like something you want to be part of, contact Lori Fox.

Love Wraps

Soft, colorful shawls, lap blankets, and throws, emblazoned with the Flaming Chalice symbol, are given as tokens of our community’s love and care when someone is experiencing crisis or distress. Since the introduction of this program by Ann Mason and Reeba Lynn in 2007, many at UUSM have already received love wraps!

Minister’s Discretionary Fund

The fund is used to provide confidential assistance to those facing emergency financial need. The Pastoral Care Team is currently the administrator of this fund. Contact Kathy Kinner if you are in need of financial help.


For Sunday services or medical appointments, our ride coordinator matches drivers and passengers for one-time or ongoing assistance.

Support your Caring Community

To become a Pastoral Care Associate or to offer your help to run an errand, cook a meal or give a ride, contact the Pastoral Care Team today!



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