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HOLDING HISTORY | Soul Matters Series

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Join us this month as we explore through our Soul Matters program how we can hold history in a way that allows more truth, healing, and connection. The following poem by Karen G. Johnson offers some suggestions for us:

As we gather this morning,

let us be a people of not-forgetting.

Let us practice

holding collective memories

that might otherwise slip

into that enormous void

that sucks at and corrodes

any future we hold dear.

Let us practice honoring truth-telling

up from the past that must come fully into the now,

lest we falter and fail, lest the whole remain in pieces.

Let not our need for comfort or simplicity,

for easy forgiveness or false pardon

smother the heartbreak that still needs healing.

Let us practice resilience with reckoning.

Let us marry memory and promise.

Let us dance in the tension we find there.

Let us rest in the integrity we cultivate there.

Let us be partners with the possibility that emerges there.

It is good we gather.

November 2021 Dates

● Samhain (Wiccan) Oct. 31 - Nov. 1

● Dia de Los Muertos (Cultural) Oct.31 - Nov. 2

● All Saints/Souls Days (Christian) Nov. 1-2

● Diwali: Festival of Lights (Hindu) Nov. 4-8, 2021

● Veterans Day (National) Nov. 11

● James Luther Adams birthday (UU) Nov. 12

● Francis David died in prison (UU) Nov. 15, 1579

● Transgender Day of Remembrance (Justice) Nov. 20

● Thanksgiving Day (Cultural) Nov. 28

● Advent (Christian) Nov. 28 -Dec. 24, 2021

● Hanukkah (Jewish) Nov.28 -Dec. 6, 2021



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